Is Telemedicine Really Worth It?

Things you can easily accomplish with your device: buy your groceries, deposit your paycheck, even put in your coffee order, so why is healthcare stuck in the twentieth century? The remote delivery of health care services and clinical information using telecommunication technology (via internet, telephone, or instant messaging) is defined as telemedicine. And actually, you may not realize that access to your health care provider is right at your fingertips!

Here are three simple reasons you should discover and take advantage of telemedicine:

#1 Convenient We’ve already pointed out you, the consumer, are searching for more convenient options when it comes to healthcare. You’ve got a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. You should be able to ask simple questions, receive medical information (and in a timely manner!), even submit the dreaded “paper work” containing your medical information when becoming a new patient! Bottom line, you’re opting for easy access to healthcare services over in-person consultations with your doctor which often involve scheduling an appointment sometimes months in advance and then sitting in a waiting room.

#2 Cost Effective Reducing unnecessary non-urgent visits to the emergency room and even eliminating transportation expenses for regular check-ups are just a couple of basic ways that telemedicine helps cut cost for the patients. This is especially helpful for a large number of patients living in rural areas! Remote analysis and monitoring services and electronic data storage help to save money for the providers and insurance companies as well, which saves you, the patient, a chunk of change.

#3 Efficient With Americans being busier than ever, who has time for waiting rooms? This is especially true if you only have a couple of simple questions. Although, the platforms for communicating with your provider must be HIPAA-compliant, meaning communications must be encrypted, engaging with your provider is simple. Whether you need to ask a simple question, request records, or even just update your provider on improvement in your symptoms, telemedicine has made your healthcare so much more efficient.

5900 Health is proud to offer telemedicine in a variety of medias such as phone, FaceTime, text, and messaging. Our memberships start as low at $49/month and we offer a kids’ price of just $29/month with the purchase of an adult membership!