The facts speak for themselves

Membership health models have demonstrated superior clinical outcomes

  • 65% fewer hospitalizations than those using traditional health insurance

  • 96% membership satisfaction rate

  • 92% annual renewal rate

  • 52% of concierge medical practices are family practice and internal medicine. Specialists are now adopting similar models

How does 5900 health benefit me when i already have health insurance?

We recommend all of our patients carry at least catastrophic health insurance.  This covers specialist consultations and any emergency hospitalizations or surgeries.  5900 Health gives patients the opportunity to choose a higher deductible health plan and pay less in monthly premiums. Patients save money by getting unlimited medical visits with no copay or deductible. Many traditional health insurance plans have high deductibles that will pay for an entire year of our membership primary care service in just a few visits with a medical provider.  



how much does it cost to be a 5900 health member?

 Our patients pay a low monthly premium which allows them to contact us anytime by phone or messaging.  You can text, call, schedule phone or telemedicine consultations and face to face visits in the clinic whenever needed.  Our patients get unlimited visits and they do not pay a copay or deductible when they see us. We require an annual registration fee which covers the cost of basic yearly laboratory and in-office tests. We ask that our patients commit to a partnership with us, but we do not require a contract.  We want the opportunity to get to know you, your family, and make a positive difference in your life.

If i have health insurance, can i still use it?


 We do not bill insurance or any 3rd-party for our primary care services.   We have partnered with local businesses to give our clients discounts on laboratory services, prescription medications, and imaging studies.  Patients may choose the best option for them. Clients can pay the cash pay discount or utilize their insurance and pay the copay.  Often, our cash-pay services will be more cost-effective then using traditional insurance


What does a 5900 Health membership include?

Our exclusive members enjoy the privilege and convenience of being able to call their healthcare provider anytime.  They do not have to have scheduled appointments.  We provide telephone and video consultations so patients make less visits to the office.  We have flexible scheduling and will make personalized appointments with extended hours.  Our VIP membership includes annual physicals, sport and employment physicals, nutrition consulting, acute illness visits, chronic disease management, hormone management and much more.