“At 5900 Health we believe every person can make a positive impact on their health. Our community empowers you to take back your healthcare. We accomplish this by providing you resources and a plan. And because we use personalized medicine you get to experience a life free from pain, sickness, and suffering.”

  • 5900 Health is a subscription-based medical practice that provides clients highly personalized health coaching at an affordable price

  • Our clients receive unrestricted access to their health coach whenever they need it using in person visits, telephone, messaging, texting, and video consults

  • We work with people, not insurance companies

  • Our model is often more cost-effective than using traditional insurance and provides access to exceptional healthcare

  • No copays or deductibles collected for office visits

  • We take care of all your health coaching needs, plus some urgent care issues

  • Our memberships provide access to discounted supplements and prescription medication programs, laboratory fees, and imaging centers

  • We have highly trained healthcare providers who will partner with you in your journey to achieve health and wellness

  • Conveniently located in South Denver Metro area

  • Extensively utilize technology to make your medical care faster, better, and more affordable

  • Flexible, online scheduling

  • Transparent approach to healthcare

  • No insurance required

  • Perfect for individuals and families with high deductible insurance plans, copays for exams, no health insurance, or those who want better access to healthcare and coaching

  • Affordable health plans

  • Health insurance may be used for medications, imaging, laboratory studies and specialist consultations


Find out more about our health coaching practice.  We integrate nutrition, lifestyle, and the best medical testing available to provide high quality healthcare for all ages.

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