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Joint InjectionS

We offer a wide variety of joint injections at an affordable investment. Are you ready to kick your joint pain to the curb? If so, contact us today for an evaluation.

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Vitamin injections

Enjoy more energy and faster metabolism with our Lipo Boost injections. Each injection is filled to the brim with essential vitamins and nutrients needed to achieve your goals! Schedule your evaluation today and if you qualify your first injection is on us!


Non member exams

We love to introduce new patients to our providers and level of healthcare expertise. We see patients for acute illness or injury visits without requiring a subscription. Individuals are allowed two non member visits prior to choosing a subscription.


medical weight loss

In just eight short weeks you can jump start your weight loss and improve your health at the same time. As highly specialized nurse practitioner we will be overseeing your progress to ensure you have the very best outcome.

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trigger point therapy

Have tension and knots? Time to take care of those! In just eight short sessions, we can vastly reduce or eliminate your trigger points. Better yet, we do it without harmful steroids!